Oasis Tropical ofrece un enfoque tradicional y holístico en un entorno tropical. Somos la principal fuente para el tratamiento de la adicción de calidad en Costa Rica. La ayuda está a sólo una llamada de distancia: 1-866-921-3778

Sunday, 16 August 2009 11:34

Dear Tropical Oasis...

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"I was addicted to painkillers (norcos) for 2 years and vicodins for 5 years before coming to T.O.T.C. i used and abused alcohol for over 25 yrs. Since leaving TOTC after 30 days of treatment I have lost the craving for the pills and enjoy the freedom and joy of Sobriety! I absolutely could not have succeeded without the professional guidance of Nick Russi and Peggy von Mayer Sanabria and their wonderful puppy Fritzy!  


FIST (Faith in Sobriety Today)" Sincerely yours, William De Long Pura Vida ! Vaya con Dios  

Dear reader,

"After much research, I narrowed my choices down to three, with Tropical Oasis Treatment Center being one of them. Aside from the reasonable price, what helped me make my decision was talking with Nick Russi on the phone. I felt comfortable, at ease and understood, along with a sense of trust in both him and his facility. My instinct told me this was the place for me; and it was. I went to T.O.T.C. to quit drinking, but also to truly rest and relax and find serenity. At that time, I was totally and thoroughly exhausted, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Tropical Oasis' serene environment gave me the peace and quiet and support that I needed to heal. I also experienced the beautiful country of Costa Rica in a way that has enriched my life forever. I cherish my time at T.O.T.C., it was just what I needed."

Dianne B.

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Sabemos que cada cliente es un individuo. Nuestros planes de tratamiento están diseñados para hacer frente a necesidades precisas de cada persona. La mayoría de centros de rehabilitación para adicción a las drogas, carecen de un elemento muy importante en sus programas; y es la personalización de tratamiento para cada cliente que entra por la puerta. Nuestro programa no usa el mismo molde para cada cliente como un "cortador de galletas", revisamos sus necesidades y las atendemos de forma específica. Tropical Oasis es un pequeño centro de 18 camas, centramos nuestro tiempo y energía en la recuperación de nuestros clientes. Nuestro centro se ubica en una propiedad privada lo cual refuerza que la confidencialidad de nuestros clientes sea protegida.

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