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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

In order to effectively treat addiction, we must treat the “whole” person.  This means mind, body, and spirit.  rarely do we see a “pure alcoholic” anymore as was common in earlier days.  We are now treating individuals with multiple diagnoses including mental health, alcohol and drug diagnoses.  It is imperative to have educated clinicians and diagnosticians who are able to correctly diagnose these disorders.  Our psychiatrist, Dr. Steve Kogel, is an expert in medication management utilizing his broad range of experience coupled with therapy in treating depression, anxiety, ptsd, and bipolar to name just a few.  After you have been detoxed physically, you will be assessed and have an opportunity to work with Dr. Kogel in-depth regarding your specific case.  You will have an opportunity for weekly follow-up appointments as well.  in summation, we treat the whole person to ensure an unparalleled recovery rate.


Depression:  because your brain has been depleted of naturally occurring neurotransmitters, it is quite normal to feel depressed after abstaining from drugs.  In fact, some addicts describe this phenomenon as seeing the world in gray instead of color.  It may be necessary to assist your recovery with medication until your brain is able to produce an adequate number of “feel good” chemicals on its own.  The problem is that this depression often leads to relapse without intervention.  further complicating matters is that relapse will offer temporary relief and the addict will feel better. However, within a short amount of time, the brain begins to crave again and using is no longer fun, but a necessity.  together with Dr. Kogel, you can make an informed decision as to whether medication will be advantageous to you.


Anxiety: we have had many clients tell us that they began using drugs and alcohol because of their anxiety.  In other words, they began to self-medicate while often times not even knowing why.  Social anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia and just plain anxiety is responsible for a host of economic problems costing billions of dollars in lost wages, hospital visits, and job loss.  The societal costs are even greater and can include divorce and even death.  we can only begin to imagine the personal costs to our clients.  We have a clinician who specializes in anxiety disorders as well as Dr. Kogel, who will offer you the most up-to-date medication options.


PTSD: many of our clients come to treatment with a history of trauma.  Child abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, the discovery of Hep C or AIDS and other traumatic situations can all cause PTSD.  PTSD complicates recovery and without treatment can negatively affect your recovery.  our psychologist and psychiatrist can assist you in the process of healing while you begin the recovery process.


This is by no means a complete list of potential dual diagnosis disorders and treatments.  Let us help you until you can help yourself.

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