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Treatment of Depression

The point of treatment of depression is to treat not just the body, not just the mind, not just the symptoms, but instead to treat the whole person.Depression is a whole person response to a lack of self esteem and lack of identity at worst and at best a sense of temporary loss of control in ones life.

Success with Depression Rehab

Nowadays the cause of depression is thought to be due to chemical imbalances in the brain. Contemporary scientists have come up with a variety of medications to correct those imbalances. Doctors select antidepressants based on their patient’s symptoms but there’s no one magic pill or one magic protocol. Drugs often leave one feeling numb to all emotions and side effects differ, as do their effectiveness. Old school theories around depression acknowledge that when people are not happy, when they feel that life has become impossible or unmanageable, the automatic reaction is a sense of loss of control and thus depression. Depression as a temporary state to induce a positive proactiveness is actually a healthy response when it works.

The point of depression rehab is to treat the whole person, find the cause, and eliminate depression altogether. That is our goal at Tropical Oasis.

Symptoms of depression

Frequently feeling tired and lethargic; persistent low moods and sadness, a feeling of despondency; sleep disturbances, either inability to sleep or sleeping too much; a pessimistic outlook on life; feeling anxious and nervous; feelings of worthlessness or guilt, low self esteem; frightening and irrational thoughts; loss of pleasure in activities and lack of interest in intimate relationships; avoidance of social contact and social situations; changes in appetite involving either loss of appetite or an increased appetite and associated weight loss or weight gain; emotional outbursts for no apparent reason and Irritability and possibly others not listed.  Extreme unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life and helplessness regarding ones ability to change or control ones day to day circumstances to ones satisfaction.

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Tropical Oasis was co-founded by Nicholas Russi, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Nicholas has worked in the field of addiction and mental health treatment for over 12 years.

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Our Drug Rehab Treatment Center offers a variety of treatment programs that meet individual needs such as inpatient, outpatient, and/or short-stay options. If you have any questions about the choices offered by us, please call one of our our treatment center specialists at: 866-572-7732

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