Lonnie Choate

As an ex CEO, athlete, over achiever, and every other “title” I could have given myself, lie or otherwise, I found myself at The Tropical Oasis near death and with no hope of life in general, much less a good life. I was in the pit.

So embracing the thoughts of hopelessness, I did not notice the serene atmosphere, the wonderful meals, the clean rooms and facilities, or the careful attention to my care, until after my experience.

Yes, I had an experience, one that has been life changing. And before I go any farther, I want to thank you. Your patience and thoughtfulness helped me to embrace the urgency of the moment. Thank you, Nick. Your commitment and love for those who are lost in their addictions and hopelessness is genuine. Tropical Oasis certainly is a place where anyone can come to the truth of hope and purpose for their life.

My experience was simply this; I was enlightened with the truth. In a short while of being at your facility I was given the revelation that until I surrendered everything in truth, not holding back anything in lies, to myself, I could not be set free. I was enslaved and buried in the lie of my life and went to alcohol to escape me. When I started working with you on this I immediately started feeling ok, then eventually good about who I really was, without the lie. My personal belief was that God placed me at The Tropical Oasis for that very purpose.

Thank you for not self imposing on me any belief system, or “angle” of recovery. If you had, I most likely would not have been open to this spiritual experience that I embrace still today with everything I live for.

Sincerely yours,

Lonnie Choate

Being freed daily by God from the bondage of self