¨During my stay at Tropcal Oasis in Orintina Costa Rica  I experienced more ups and downs . There were the good days and there were the bad, but in the end they all added up to precisely what I came for:-  my recovery. Alcohol  addiction had left me in a shattered state, without the hope or energy one needs in order to make any kind of life recovery.

I entered the facility  in a state of total stagnation and despair; my addiction had led me to a point of desperate immobility where nothing existed.
When I finally reached a point where I was prepared to make a serious change in order to save my life, I was presented with an opportunity to come to Tropical Oasis Center, a safe place, where I could learn some tools for sobriety as well as for living a healthy life.

I gained so much more. I have never before in my life had an opportunity  for myself; a time to peel back the layers and walls of my inner and outer personality and to explore the many corridors and shadows that have helped to create the person I was and the person I am today.   Thanks to the counselors and therapists on staff. (Peggy and Nick).

The counselors are some of the most intelligent and caring people I have ever met, teaching lessons on most aspects of addictive behavior as well as going into depth with each person individually during their one-on-one sessions. They set time aside, at any time, for the clientele. At a moment’s notice – day or night – that I needed to talk, there would without fail be someone there to listen.

I could not imagine a better staff for a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center than those at Tropical Oasis     –  people who genuinely care and work their hardest for anybody willing to work for themselves.

They worked so hard for me as well as all others.
So many people from so many walks of life, but all with the same problems – my problems. I am thankful for every single person I met, for they all contributed to a change in mind and attitude that I feel will be a solid base for my continuing recovery.

All in all, my time in Tropical Oasis     was one of the most dynamic and enriching periods of my life, full of memories and lessons that I will know will last a lifetime.