Cocaine Addiction

Take Control Over Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction is a very huge problemall over the world today and is the second most commonly used illegal drug in the US. Over 34 million Americans age 12 and over have used cocaine at least once. Up to 75% of people who try cocaine will become addicted to it. This means that only one out of four people who try to quit will be able to do so without help.

And everyone thinks they’re that one in four people, because cocaine addiction always starts casually. One day you’re an occasional user, and the next you’re doing things could never imagine doing sober. Avoiding close friends, stealing, and even harming your own children. Cocaine convinces the brain that the mental rewards it receives from every high is so great that the only thing they should worry about is where the next high will come from.

This leads to addicts damaging not just themselves but also their loved ones.

Holistic Cocaine Addiction Program

Our approach to treating cocaine addiction is multi-faceted. We incorporate group and individual counseling, behavioral counseling, as well as motivational interviewing. We offer support every step of the way.

This is why our cocaine addiction program has a high success rate.

It is easy to understand why people are seeking treatment for cocaine addiction at an alarming rate. People are looking for something more than the standard 12 step groups and outpatient therapy. These are great tools for a recovering person, but in order to maximize their advantages, they must first become stable in a residential facility like our Holistic Drug Rehab.

Here are a few reasons why people choose our facility over others:

  • First and foremost, our patients are treated with dignity, respect and understanding.
  • We respect and treat our patients as individuals.
  • Our drug and alcohol treatment center provides patient focused treatment, respecting choices, concerns and individual needs.
  • We do not represent ourselves as authoritarian, we simply provide a source of guidance, suggestions and support.
  • We believe in the success of every one of our patients.
  • We use patient focused, evidence based treatments.

Experience the Healing Power of Costa Rica

Nestled in the heart of Costa Rica’s tropical rainforest, Tropical Oasis is proud to offer world class drug and alcohol treatment is a peaceful and relaxing environment. Our world-renowned Tropical Oasis Treatment Center for addiction treatment is located in the Tropical Rainforest of Esterillos, Costa Rica, just 20 minutes south of Jaco Beach.Established in 2007 by recovering alcoholic and outspoken recovery advocate Nicholas Russi, our serene rehab center sits on a private, 4-acre campus, adjacent to the Pacific Ocean – boasting breathtaking views.

Our grounds at Tropical Oasis Treatment Center promote an overall sense of calm and well-being. The peace and serenity found at our facility is often the only catalyst needed to begin clearing the mind. We encourage everyone that chooses our facility to enjoy the tropical surroundings and plentiful wildlife that takes refuge on our property. Some of our amenities include:

Wireless internet

Cultural foods

Comfortable rooms

Ground-Breaking nutritional supplement plan

Access to computer