About Tropical Oasis Treatment Center

A Haven For Addicts On Their Journey To Recovery

Who We Are

Tropical Oasis Center was set up to blend clinical and recovery methods, so as to increase our patients’ chances of successful recovery. Our alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs are designed to increase success rates by closing the recovery circle and utilizing only personalized recovery plans.

Our Mission

Tropical Oasis is committed to helping our clients achieve the sobriety goals of all chemical elements that alter mood and mental well-being. This is achieved by offering the best quality care, with a staff of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, in one of the most beautiful and serene places in the world. We believe that with the right to help, a person can become free from the clutches of addiction and learn to enjoy life once again.

We Treat Addiction At Its Core

At Tropical Oasis, we believe that recovery programs should be comprehensive, and encompass treating more than just your symptoms. Our treatment program is made up of a wide range of methodologies that create the solid foundation on which you can build your recovery. Our processes are also very fluid, making it possible for us to personalize every program in a way that meets your needs, focuses on your growth, and leads you to long-lasting recovery.